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Paspaley : Producer of the world's finest pearls

1 October 2012

CJNA October

Paspaley: Producer of the world’s finest pearls

Consistent production of peerless Australian South Sea pearls is the hallmark of Paspaley Pearling Company. This reputation has been achieved by the strict adherence to a philosophy of pursuing excellence in all endeavours and never compromising on quality. In 1969, Nick Paspaley AC followed in his father’s footsteps and entered the family business. Within a year, he was at the helm of one of the company’s traditional pearling luggers. He was soon involved in all areas of the business and became intimate with the fledgling cultured South Sea pearl industry and the challenges it faced.

Over the past three decades, Nick has developed many of the systems and techniques that brought pearling into the 21st century and Paspaley to the forefront of the industry. He is considered by many to be the father of the modern pearling industry. Nick’s passion for pearling inspired by his father and his keen eye for detail has instilled into the company a desire for excellence that carries into every area of the company’s diverse operations. Many years have been spent refining not just the science of culturing the perfect pearl, but also the systems and practices of grading, inventory, delivery and marketing support. This refinement process is ongoing to ensure Paspaley maintains the acknowledged position as the leading producer and distributor of the world’s finest pearls.

Paspaley is one of the world’s only fully vertically integrated pearling operations. Its pioneering production technologies and methods have been widely adopted as the industry standard, and the company continues to be at the forefront of trends and opportunities in global distribution channels and marketing. Paspaley has also been the first to recognise the exacting requirements in quality and supply of the world’s leading jewellery houses. Its Australian South Sea pearls are used by the world’s leading jewellery brands, and the company’s distribution network extends around the world including Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney and Darwin.

Over the past two decades, the business has generated in excess of $1 billion in sales primarily through the company’s wholesale pearl auctions, which are the most important sales events on the international South Sea pearl calendar. Since 1989, auctions have been hosted in various locations including Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Dubai, attracting wholesale clientele from around the world representing 30 countries including key markets such as Hong Kong, Japan, India, Europe and the US.

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