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Strands of timeless beauty

1 June 2012

Strands of timeless beauty

Throughout history, pearls have epitomised grace, elegance and beauty. From the ancient Roman Empire to the royal court of Queen Elizabeth I of England and the magnificent world of India’s Maharajas, pearls have always been revered for their rarity and allure.

Of all items of jewellery, strands are among the most desired. Modern day style icons from Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe to Grace Kelly and Princess Diana were amongst the world’s most ardent pearl strand devotees.

The 19th-century Baroda pearl necklace is a shining example of the longevity of a fine quality strand of pearls. Once belonging to the Maharaja of Baroda, a two-strand necklace consisting of 68 natural pearls from the seven-strand Baroda showpiece sold for $7 million at a Christie’s auction in New York in 2007.

Exquisite  pearls, superior craftsmanship

Today, Paspaley continues the tradition of beauty, creating pearl strands that set the benchmark for quality. The finest of the rare Australian South Sea pearls (Pinctada maxima) from each harvest are meticulously graded and considered for use in the creation of a strand.

Cultivated on Australia’s pristine north-west coastline, the unequalled size and quality of the annual harvest allows Paspaley access to the selection of the finest pearls, unmatched by any other pearl varieties. As no two pearls are exactly the same, creating a Paspaley strand requires extreme precision and high level of expertise.

Timeless as each pearl strand may appear, time is in fact the primary ingredient to create an exquisite rare strand of the finest quality, as it can often take several harvests to create the perfect pearl strand.

A reflection of its uncompromising standards, Paspaley is working closely with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to have all of its strands certified over the coming six months; the independent endorsement provides additional assurance of the natural colour and lustre of all Paspaley strands.

The world’s most spectacular strands

Paspaley pearl strands are available in a range of innovative styles and lengths, ranging from the accessible to the dramatically opulent; a strand can create a statement or simply enhance a soft elegant look.

Choosing a strand is a reflection of one’s personal style. For connoisseurs, the only choice is the classic Round Strands, created from some of the rarest pearls, icons of nature’s perfection. Alternatively, Oval Strands offer a more feminine look, as the elongation of the pearls provides a beautiful, soft appearance.

At the other end of the spectrum Baroque Strands have a distinct appeal created by the irregular shapes of the pearls, which results in a more modern look than the classical round aesthetic.

Younger women often choose Circle Strands with their versatility providing a great casual look for the day and a glammed-up feel for the evening. Similarly, Keshi Strands are a popular choice for day given their diverse range of smaller shaped pearls

The Kuri Strand

A Paspaley one-of-a-kind, the Kuri Strand epitomises the brand’s emphasis on craftsmanship and quality. Completed in 2012, it took fourteen years to create; ten years’ harvests for Mother Nature to produce the 58 - 17mm gem quality perfectly matched pearls and four years to craft the extraordinary opera length strand.

Named after Australia’s first and oldest pearl farm, this head-turning strand carries a price tag of more than USD$1 million in today’s global market

Every Paspaley pearl strand created forms part of a tradition - stretching back through history more than two thousand years.

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